When you have calculated your BMI you might wonder what to do next. There are some options. Depending on your BMI your have several options to choose from. You might want to participate in a weight-loss or weight-gain program, or you might just take care of your weight and health by yourself.

If you choose to participate in a program, there are several out there. Some that cost money and some that are free. It's recommended that you choose one where you have contact with some sort of coach, who can inspire and motivate you. It's difficult if no one sees your progress and therefor you might quit.

A lot of people take care of their health and well-being themselves. If you have enough discipline you can create your own health program. But remember that it takes a lot of discipline and effort. It's not that easy to follow a fitness or workout program by yourself, so try to find someone to do it with, a partner or friend could help you get moving!